Matt Brooks Gives New Life to Historic Ship

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When you ask people about Matt Brooks of San Francisco, they’ll likely tell you about his adventurous spirit and his Brooks-Range company, which specializes in mountaineering gear. However, the latest talk centers on Brooks’ most recent acquisition, quickly becoming the envy of the boating world.

Brooks’ popular possession is the Dorade, an 82-year-old masterpiece of a ship that’s been one of Brooks’ most recent projects. In its storied past, the Dorade won many races. Matt Brooks of San Francisco wishes to see her once again reach the pinnacle of oceanic racing.

Thanks to state-of-the-art enhancements funded by Brooks, the Dorade is now closer to repeating its adventurous history. Matt Brooks understands what it takes to win oceanic races, as he has won three world championships in sailing in the past few years. His love of sailing began when he was just 12 years old. His first sailing adventure took place in the San Francisco Bay and grew from there.

The Dorade contains innovative designs that were considered revolutionary for its time, and Matt Brooks is always pushing the boundaries set by others in his life. That’s why adventurer Matt Brooks and the historic Dorade make quite a pair.