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Matt Brooks of San Francisco, California has spent time on both coasts, but has generally settled in his native California where he raced sailboats as a boy and went on his first solo flight. William Mathews Brooks is an outdoor enthusiast through and through with his primary areas of interest being sailing, mountaineering and flying. His dedication to mountaineering led him to form the small company Brooks-Range in 1995.


Matt Brooks’ main airplane is a retrofitted Citation business jet and he has set several world records while flying it. He holds the record time for a westward circumnavigation of the globe and a westward flight across the United States. In 2006, William Mathews Brooks set distance and speed records for the weight class of his aircraft, including a transcontinental speed record for flight across the United States. His average speed was 413 knots versus the old speed of 375.


Matt Brooks has been sailing from an early age in San Francisco Bay. His first major racing yacht was the Quarter Pounder, a ¼ Class racing sloop. He was also the owner and skipper of Coronado 25 Sloop, Way To Go. Most recently he has restored a couple of old yachts. The Dorade is a 52’ Classic S&S Yawl that was exclusively restored on the east coast. He is also the owner and skipper of Lucie, a Classic 6 Metre yacht and from roughly the same era as the Dorade.

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Active in the communities he is involved in, Matt Brooks belongs to several organizations, including charities. He is a member of three yacht clubs, a long-time member of the American Mountain Guides Association and holds trustee positions at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum and International Yacht Restoration School.

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